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Mixed Case - Natural Wine NV

Price: $290.00

Online Only: $249.99

* Not eligible for case discounts
Country Various Orgin
Varietal Variety

Includes 12 bottles of natural wines that we are loving right now! Instead of our usual 10% case discount, this case comes out to 15% off. Bubbles, whites, oranges, roses, and reds are all featured in the box.

Orsi Sui Lieviti M&M Pet-Nat

Camillo Donati Malvasia Sparkling

Tessier Cheverny Blanc

Philippe Pibarot Cante Renard Blanc

Kumpf et Meyer Riesling Skin Contact

Ocho Do U Believe Mtsvane

Frank Cornelissen Susucaru Rosato

Escoda Nas del Gegant Rose

Mas Coutelou Matubu Red

Domaine Ozil Gourmandise Red

Ampeleia Unlitro

Cantina Giardino Aglianico Le Fole

**subject to modifications based on available inventory**