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Stagiaire Plastic Stars & Paper Moons White 2022 750ml

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Brent Mayeaux grew up in New Orleans. Following a series of apprenticeships or ‘stages’, if you will, during the 2010’s - including time with Philippe Bornard in the Jura and Gareth Belton of Gentle Folk in Australia's Adelaide Hills - he returned to the states to begin making wines of his own. He landed in Northern California, where in 2021, he moved into a winemaking facility in Treasure Island, located in the middle of the San Francisco Bay. The Stagiaire project is built around a negociant model; Brent works closely with local farmers and growers to source all of his fruit. Like his mentors, Brent works to make natural wines, with native yeast ferments and zero additives. The Stagiaire wines have a distinctively old world sensibility about them, which is perfectly exemplified in ‘Plastic Stars & Paper Moons White’. This is a delicate white wine made from Viognier. The wine is light, airy and lifted with a subtle fruitiness that we find to be a refreshing and rare treat for wines from this part of the world.

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StyleNaturalNo Added Sulfur
Size750 ml